ParticleSeeker™ Smart Manifold

The ParticleSeeker is a 10-port smart manifold companion to the NanoAir™ aerosol nanoparticle counter.



  • 10 manifold points
  • Sample flowrate: 0.1 CFM
  • Sample interval: Min 1 second, Max 3600 seconds
  • Up to 120m2 of fab/process space sampling coverage
  • LED’s indicate active sampling port(s)
  • Multiple (4) sampling modes
    » Ensemble: samples all ports simultaneously
    » Seeker: targets any port that is identified during ensemble operation
    » Synch: communicates with process tool in real-time to follow fab process (wafer path) through process tools and mini-environments
    » User-Defined
  • Small footprint: 8.2 x 5.4 x 4.7 in (21x14x12 cm)
  • Instrument IP address and locations stay with the base station allowing it to swap with minimal downtime (< 5 mins)
  • Dry Contact relay (x4)
  • 4-20mA analog inputs (x4) and outputs (x2) for additional sensors (ex: temp., RH, DAP)
  • USB port
  • Ethernet ports (2): Ethernet Protocol & MODBUS over TCP/IP
  • Provides 120m2 of fab/process space sampling coverage
  • Only aerosol particle manifold on the market designed and purpose-built for use with sample nanoparticles (<100nm).
  • Eliminates crosstalk and other common nanoparticle transport handling problems
  • Capability to monitor multiple sample locations in a sequential or programmed sequence
  • Multiple Input/output communication interfaces enable seamless SCADA data transfer reducing process tool downtime
  • DC Power ports (x2) allow ParticleSeeker to share power with a NanoAir

ParticleSeeker + NanoAir 10 (aerosol particle counter):

  • Monitoring inside process tool Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) minienvironments
  • Ideal for applications requiring programmed sample point monitoring that follows the path of the wafer or other critical surface
  • Broad contamination monitoring when using multiple manifold ports





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