Performance Optimization

Particle Measuring Systems' Advisory Experts support you with the tools and implementation strategies to control contamination in your clean operations from idea to post-implementation applications. Our team helps you by designing quality into your operations using gold standard PMS tools and Advisory Services.

Facility Monitoring Systems - FacilityPro®

  • FacilityPro Process Mapping service includes the creation of all the specifications for the configuration and system settings (for example: recipes, alarms and warning limits, equipment, user types, etc.).
  • FacilityPro Performance Qualification (PQ) documentation creation and execution. Assistance includes defining and creating the PQ documents and test procedures.
  • FacilityPro SOP Creation (1 SOP) includes defining and creating one (1)
  • FacilityPro data management system SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) document. The Standard Operating Procedure may include:
    • FacilityPro use and operation
    • Support for defining trends and creating reports
    • Audit trail retrieval and review
    • User management processes

Microbial Monitoring - BioCapt® Single Use

  • Performance Qualification protocol (PQ) for standard applications
  • Performance Qualification protocol (PQ) for non-standard applications
  • Support for the review and interpretation of qualification results.
  • Rationale for the removal of settle plates with the implementation of Biocapt Single Use

Compliant Data Management and Trend Analysis - PharmaIntegrity™

User Requirement Specifications including:

  • Process Mapping
  • Performance Qualification (PQ) protocol writing and assistance performing the approved procedure
  • SOPs