Viable Monitoring Solutions to Prepare Your Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) for ANNEX 1

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Viable Monitoring Solutions

Prepare Your Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) for EU GMP ANNEX 1

Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) for viable monitoring per Annex 1

While the new Annex 1 is still in draft stage, the drafts tell us clearly where the committee is heading as far as priorities and gives us guidelines that we can apply now to your Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) (including a cleanroom monitoring plan) to be ready for the final Annex 1 update release. The New Annex 1 has some critical changes that are important to understand and start applying. While the drafts cover many areas of environmental monitoring in-depth, this webinar by Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) experts focuses on the Viable/Microbial Air Monitoring aspects including:

During the live webinar we had several questions submitted and made these into an Annex 1 Microbial FAQ paper that you can access at any time.

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